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BIG BALLIN MEDIA boys leave everything out on the court against the Flyers

In a thrilling showdown against the East St. Louis Flyers this weekend, the Lanphier Lions delivered an intense and spirited performance. They commanded the court, seizing the lead as they headed into halftime. Despite their tenacity and resilience, the Lions fell short in the end, with a final score of 58-70. The game, marked by relentless effort and determination, showcased the Lions' commitment to battle until the final buzzer.

In the recent matchup, BIG BALLIN' MEDIA's dynamic duo, Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. and JaiQuan Holman, displayed their prowess throughout the entire game. Shaunassey Hatchett led the team in scoring, contributing significantly during his 30 minutes on the court. Meanwhile, Holman, playing for 25 minutes, emerged as the second-highest scorer for the Lions, following closely behind Hatchett. The collective performance of these two athletes showcased their impactful presence on the court, contributing to the team's overall performance.

Shaunassey Hatchett earned the team 13 points, securing the title of the game's lead scorer with an impressive 53% shooting average. The Lions consistently rely on Hatchett's astounding strength to dominate the boards. Demonstrating his familiar prowess, Hatchett patiently waited under the hoop and secured nine rebounds throughout the game. Six of these rebounds created additional opportunities for the Lions to convert, while three denied the Flyers crucial second chances. Hatchett left it all on the court Saturday night, giving his team and fans a glimpse of his formidable skills.

JaiQuan Holman emerged as the second-highest scorer for the team, contributing 12 crucial points during his impressive 25 minutes on the court. Holman's strategic play drew shooting fouls against the Flyers, showcasing his accuracy by shooting a perfect 100% from the free-throw line. With remarkable speed and agility, Holman seamlessly navigated the court, maneuvering around opponents and leaving an indelible mark on the game.

Holman showcased a blend of speed and strength, strategically positioning himself under the hoop to patiently secure the ball four times – twice offensively and twice defensively. This dynamic play not only demonstrated his rebounding abilities but also opened doors for the Lions to reset and execute strategic plays. Holman's performance underscored his reliability, proving to his team why they should consistently count on him, even in challenging situations where the Lions couldn't maintain their lead from halftime.

Despite limited playing time, BIG BALLIN' MEDIA's Jaylin Hardy seized a few crucial minutes during the game to showcase his skills. Hardy's commitment extends beyond the court as he diligently works towards his aspiration of playing at the collegiate level. Known for his positive attitude, Hardy serves as a source of encouragement for his teammates, constantly reminding them to keep their heads up. His infectious positivity and consistent training reflect his determination to catch the eye of college recruiters.

The synergy of the BIG BALLIN' MEDIA boys, alongside the entire Lanphier Lions roster, is a captivating spectacle that leaves fans on the edge of their seats. Their boundless energy and remarkable talent make each game an exhilarating experience for spectators. As the Lions persistently train, they aim to secure more conference victories in the upcoming games, promising an exciting and competitive season ahead.


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