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Battle of the Fittest: Lanphier Lions took on Urbana Tigers

Updated: Jan 30

This past Friday, the Lanphier Lions experienced a challenging defeat against the Urbana Tigers in a hard-fought battle. Despite putting forth their best effort, the Lions fought tenaciously until the final moments of the game

JaiQuan Holman, one of BIG BALLIN MEDIA's athletes, had an incredible night, attempting to lead his team to a win. Playing 30 unstoppable minutes of the game, he secured the Lions critical points in big moments. Making every free throw and capturing points from the 3-point line, Holman demonstrated his prowess on the court by leading the game in scoring with an impressive 26 points. Not only did he showcase his offensive skills, but he also made two remarkable defensive rebounds, providing his team with valuable opportunities to regain possession. Holman’s phenomenal speed and strength played a pivotal role in securing the Lions’ lead as they headed into halftime.

With the lead switching back and forth between the Lions and Tigers, Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. knew he had to bring it every window of opportunity he was given. Shaunassey’s exceptional performance unfolded over 17 minutes, where he contributed tirelessly to his team. Displaying extraordinary athleticism, he secured three defensive rebounds, paving the way for additional scoring opportunities for the Lions. His notable contribution of 6 points played a crucial role in shaping the final score.

Jaylin Hardy continues to stand out with his impactful presence. In a crucial 5-minute stint for the Lions, he showcased not just his skills but also leadership, motivating the team to persevere. Grabbing an offensive rebound, Hardy provided the Lions with a second chance to score, all while bringing enthusiastic energy and effective communication to the court.

Despite losing their lead after halftime, the Lions poured their efforts into the game, showcasing their determination. Currently holding the 4th position in the Central State Eight Conference with 7 wins and 3 losses, the team aims to sustain this ranking, capitalizing on their extraordinary skills in the pursuit of future victories.

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