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Meet Darius Conley

Born and raised in the East St. Louis area, Darius went to Cahokia High School and graduated in 2008. After high school, he attended Southwestern Illinois College and graduated with an Associate in Arts. During his time at SWIC, he studied Business and Arts. After graduating from SWIC, Darius went to Colorado State University and finished his Bachelors degree in Information Technology, which focused primarily on computer software. He started working as a computer technician at many different companies fixing computers and computer networks. 


While working, he finished his Masters degree in Information Security Management at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. As a young black man in the workforce, Darius dealt with many discriminatory situations which motivated him to use his amazing talents and intelligence to run his own company.


After moving to Springfield, Illinois in 2019, he decided to go back to school to change his career and finish a second Masters degree in Strategic Brand Communications from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, where he gained further experience from working on Varsity “I” Association’s website as well as social media strategy. Darius also has a Harvard education in Facebook Digital Marketing and a Film & Video certification from Full Sail University. 


When his son started playing high school football, Darius knew that his son needed more than just an online profile on another recruiting site where he would get lost in a pool of thousands of other young athletes fighting for the same spot. He needed a way to CONNECT with college coaches INDIVIDUALLY. Now Darius runs his own business, BIG BALLIN MEDIA, where he records video highlights for athletes and posts them on social media for college recruiters to connect and follow the student athletes in their journey. This in turn creates important connections with college coaches which allows for scholarships and grants to follow. 


Darius is more than happy to connect with anyone that needs assistance  getting their student athlete noticed by colleges and universities. 


Call/Text: 217.993.1979



What We Do

Our services are currently in high demand with coaches, teachers, and parents that have young athletes in need of highlight videos and individual exposure to college recruiters. BIG BALLIN MEDIA does videography and social media marketing for young athletes looking to join a college team. We provide young athletes with the best social marketing services in Central Illinois. We do this by focusing 100% on the athletes’ online portfolio, email marketing, and highlight videos. 


We offer social media marketing services for a year to drive followers to your student athlete’s online profile. You will get a dedicated videographer that’ll capture and edit your season highlights. A recruiting profile will be created for you to share with coaches. It’s difficult for a young athlete to be discovered today by college coaches because there’s a lot of competition and recruiters only visit schools they’re familiar with or the coaches spend time on Twitter scrolling through thousands of prospects around the world. It’s important for today’s athletes to embrace the power of social media and what it can do for them.


And that’s where BIG BALLIN MEDIA comes in…

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