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City Tournament Kings: Lanphier Lions Dominate for a Triumphant Championship Win!

The Lanphier Lions wrapped up the 2024 Boys City Tournament with a resounding victory on Saturday, triumphing over their inter-conference rivals, the Springfield Southeast Spartans, with a final score of 56-51. This win not only secured the City Tournament championship but also marked their third victory against the Spartans this season. The Lions now boast an impressive conference record of 7-2 and stand four games over .500 with a total record of 13-9.

In this championship matchup, JaiQuan Holman delivered an outstanding performance, nearly averaging a point per minute with an impressive 29 points in 32 minutes of play. Holman's scoring prowess shone through as he displayed effortless efficiency, shooting at a 9-20 clip from the field. Beyond his two-point game, Holman showcased his skills as an archer from the 3-point line, connecting on 3 out of 4 attempts. His relentless intensity earned him numerous trips to the free-throw line, where he maintained an impressive 90% accuracy on a staggering 9 attempts.

Holman's impact extended beyond scoring, demonstrating his all-around game with 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals for the night. This well-rounded contribution highlighted his selfless ability to involve everyone on the court and showcased his determination to do whatever it takes for his team to secure the championship. It was truly an MVP-worthy performance on the night.

In the championship showdown, Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. embodied dominance and exhibited true championship form. His defensive prowess was nothing short of spectacular, swatting away every shot with an impressive total of 5 blocks for the night. Spartan defenders found themselves futile in attempting to score points in the paint near the rim, courtesy of Hatchett Jr.'s commanding presence on the defensive end. Simultaneously, he recorded 2 steals, solidifying his role in locking down the opposition and paving the way for the Lanphier Lions' championship victory in the tournament.

Even with his primary focus on defense, Hatchett Jr. made substantial offensive contributions, tallying 4 points and securing 2 crucial offensive rebounds. These rebounds translated into second-chance points for his teammates, showcasing his impact on both ends of the court. All of this unfolded in just 32 minutes, leaving spectators in awe of Hatchett Jr.'s electrifying performance.

During the toughest moments of the championship game, Jaylin Hardy emerged as a pivotal figure, ensuring his teammates remained focused on the ultimate goal of winning the tournament. Beyond showcasing his on-court skills, Hardy's leadership ability and relentless hustle proved to be indispensable, serving as a driving force behind the Lanphier Lions' success this season. Looking ahead, he aspires to carry these invaluable qualities into the next season, setting the stage for his journey in college basketball.

The Lanphier Lions are determined to carry the momentum from this championship victory forward, aiming to extend their winning streak throughout the rest of the season. With their sights set on their next matchup against the Glenwood Titans on Tuesday, JaiQuan Holman, Shaunassey Hatchett Jr., and Jaylin Hardy are eager to maintain their exceptional form and make a lasting impact on the court once again. The Lions remain focused and ready, looking to build on the success of the City Tournament championship.


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