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First Conference win for the Lanphier Lions

Lanphier Lions kicked off their conference season this last Friday against Decatur Eisenhower. The game was a close one with the final score of 56-53. Lanphier Lions walked away with a win, putting them 1-0 for their conference record. Shaunassey and JaiQuan played hard like they do.

JaiQuan Holman played 32 minutes of the game. He put big numbers up on the scoreboard and was the lead scorer of the game for the Lions. Holman scored 28 of the 56 points, 12 of the points from the three-point line. He got the ball back with 5 defensive rebounds. He played an incredible game Friday night. Holman continues to work hard to help the Lions with more wins this season. Keep an eye out for him.

Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. also played an incredible game. He played 30 minutes of the game, scoring 18 of the 56 points. He had 11 rebounds, 7 of which were defensive rebounds to help the Lions get the ball back. Hatchett was the next lead scorer of the game behind Holman. He will continue alongside Holman to prepare for the season ahead.

Both boys are assets to the team, as we have seen in this first conference season game. Holman and Hatchett have many more season games ahead of themselves. They hope for more wins this season.


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