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Incredible Grit: Lanphier Lions v. MacArthur Generals

The Lanphier Lions took on the MacArthur Generals Tuesday. The Macarthur Generals are ranked first in the Central State Eight High School Conference, with the Lions ranked fifth. BIG BALLIN MEDIA's boys and the rest of the Lions knew it would be a tough battle heading into the game.

Anticipating the game, JaiQuan Holman made sure to bring his all. He lit up the court, scoring 16 points, some of which were from the three-point line. Holman did his duty on the court and led the team to the best of his ability during his 32 minutes of playing time. His incredible agility and speed allowed him to move swiftly on the court, seizing every opportunity he could. Despite his size, Holman grabbed 2 defensive rebounds and 1 offensive, providing the team with more scoring opportunities. Going into the half, the Lions led with 31 points.

Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. had an incredible game as well, working fluently with Holman. Hatchett, scoring 15 points, earned the title of second-highest scorer for the Lions behind Holman. His bewildering size and strength allowed him to snatch up 8 total rebounds. This opened the door for the Lions to maintain the lead they snagged. Hatchett is a strong component of his team, with 4 assists, he helped his team score. He held his head high as the Lions headed into the second half with a lead over the Generals.

Jaylin Hardy, despite his minimal time on the court, was a strong asset to continuing the improbable energy from the rest of the Lions. He reminded his team to continue playing as they were and to hold their heads high. As the third quarter came to an end, the Lions were down 56-45. Hardy knew taking that lead back was within reach, so he pushed his team to lock in and take it back. Hardy was able to secure 4 minutes on the court, with an astounding block against the Generals.

Unfortunately for the Lions, they were not able to fully recover from the first half. Their integrity and unity helped drive their desire to come out with a win, and they were close to it. They came up 8 points short in the end but walked back to the locker room, thrilled with their performance. With their heads held high, they knew they came what they intended to do: make the game a hard win for the Generals. Their exemplary skill and resilience allowed them to get back to the drawing board to become even better ball players. The Lions prepare to take on the Bloomington Purple Raiders on Thursday.


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