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JaiQuan and Shaunassey show off their skills in the battle against the Crimsons

The Lanphier Lions matched up with the Jacksonville Crimsons Friday night. It was an intense game, with the Lions going into halftime up by only 2. After a tough fight against the Crimsons, the Lions walked away with another win (61-58).

Big Ballin' Media's, very own, JaiQuan Holman helped to lead the team to victory. Holman was the lead scorer for the Lions with 27 points. He played an incredible 29 minutes of the game. Taking every open opportunity to help his team win, Holman was shooting 57% on every shot taken; lay-ups, three-pointers, and free-throws. His passion and drive for the game showed through his playing Friday night. With 3 assists and 2 defensive rebounds, he put in every effort he could to the game against the Crimsons. Holman hopes this drive, energy, and passion he has for the game will help lead the Lions to more victories and eventually pursue a collegiate basketball career.

BBM's Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. also played a fierce game. Hatchett was the second highest scorer for the Lions with 21 points. His impeccable leg strength helped his team get the ball back to score more. With 9 total turnovers, 2 offensively and 7 defensively, he showed off his ability to be a reliable player for his team. He shot at a 70% shooting range, proving to his team he wanted to contribute to the win over the Crimsons. Hatchett also yearns for more wins this season, and also aspires to achieve an opportunity for a collegiate basketball career down the road.

The Lanphier Lions will match up with the Rochester Rockets Tuesday, January 9th. They hope to move up in the Central State Eight rankings with some more wins this upcoming week.


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