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Jaiquan Holman - Making his Mark on the Court Against the Rockets

JaiQuan Holman showcased his prowess on the court, leading the Lions to a resounding 24-point victory against the Limestone Rockets in the Pekin Holiday Tournament. This crucial win catapulted the team back into the winner's bracket, marking a significant step forward.

Holman's impact during his 24 minutes of playing time was undeniable. Displaying his scoring finesse, he notched an impressive 12 points, securing the title of the second-highest scorer for the Lions in the game. Demonstrating selflessness on the court, Holman positioned himself strategically, contributing assists to 8 of his teammates' baskets.

The dynamic performance extended to the defensive end, where Holman's agility and hops shone through. With 3 defensive rebounds, he provided the Lions with additional scoring opportunities, showcasing his versatility and commitment to the team's success.

As the Lions gear up for the upcoming challenges in the Pekin Holiday Tournament, they rely on Holman's collaborative efforts with his teammates to secure more victories. The expectations of his teammates are high, and Holman continues to meet them with unwavering dedication.


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