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Lanphier Lions in the Quincy Thanksgiving Tournament

The Lanphier Lions played in the Quincy Thanksgiving Tournament. They battled hard and walked away with a win against Tinley Park (78-62) and two losses. One loss against Quincy (64-51) and another loss against Phillips (84-70). They continue to work hard hoping for more future wins. They continue to put in work and train hard in preparation for the start of the conference season.

Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. (#21) played hard in the Quincy Thanksgiving Tournament. In the win over Tinley Park, Hatchett played 28 total minutes. He ended up the lead scorer in the win over Tinley Park scoring 18 of the 78 points, with 7 total rebounds in the game as well.

Hatchett is a 6’3'' player for the Lanphier Lions and is a strong asset to the team. With incredible leg strength, he has the ability to reach the rim and dunk the ball. He is an incredible rebounder for the team on offense and defense. Hatchett is in his junior year, continuing to push and work hard to become an even better ball player. He is a strong athlete with a strong drive for the game. At the end of his sophomore season, he ranked #90 in the state of Illinois high school basketball. He will continue to be one to watch this upcoming season.

JaiQuan Holman (#04) also put in hard work at the Quincy Thanksgiving Tournament. Holman played big minutes in the tournament. He was the third lead scorer in the win over Tinley Park, scoring 12 of the 78 points. He made all 6 of the free throw shots he took adding even more points to the scoreboard.

Holman is a 5’11” ball player for the Lanphier Lions. He is another strong asset to the team. Holman is a strong free throw shooter for the team. Being a good free throw shooter is necessary in close games.

Fortunately, for the Lions, they pulled off their win by a 16-point lead. Holman is also a persistent rebounder on offense and defense, with 7 total rebounds in the win. He is another incredible player for the Lions and is another one to keep an eye on during the upcoming season.

Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. and JaiQuan Holman are junior athletes hoping to pursue college basketball careers. They play for Lanphier High School located in Springfield, IL in the Central State Eight Conference. The first official game of the conference season for the Lions will take place on December 2nd, 2023.

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