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Lanphier Lions play Jersey Community 11/29/23

Shaunassey Hatchett and JaiQuan Holman had a good night on their home court. The two boys helped contribute to the 74-49 win over Jersey Community High School. Hatchett and Holman played aggressively defensively with 5 defensive rebounds to get the Lions the ball back.

Hatchett scored 10 of the 74 points. He played 26 minutes of the game and ended the game with 7 rebounds offensively and defensively.

Holman scored 27 of the 74 points, 9 of which were from the 3-point line. He played 27 minutes of the game and had 2 defensive rebounds.

Hatchett and Holman helped the team with another win. They continue to hustle in school and on the court as they look to continue their basketball careers after high school. Good luck to Shaunassey and JaiQuan, as well as the Lanphier Lions as they head into their official conference season.


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