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Lanphier Lions played their last game of 2023 in the Pekin Holiday Tournament

The Big Ballin' Media trio - Shaunassey Hatchett, JaiQuan Hardy, and Jaylin Hard -showed up and showed out in the Pekin Holiday Tournament against the Hersey Huskies. Despite the loss, the Lanphier Lions remained on the same level as the Huskies until the very end. BBM's trio played their heart out until the end. They were able to walk away with their heads held high.

Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. was the second highest scorer of the game. With 8 of the team's points, Hatchett showed his resilience on the court through is playing. The Huskies kept the Lions alert on the court. Hatchett played a fierce game, with 6 total rebounds to provide the Lions with more opportunities to score. He was committed to getting the hoop to the basket as much as possible. Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. is devoted to his team and did his part in the last tournament game of the Pekin Holiday Tournament.

Jaiquan Holman fulfilled his role in the game against the Huskies. Holman shot 67% at the free throw line, putting 4 more points on the scoreboard for his team. Playing fierce defense, he produced more corruption in the Husky's offense with 2 defensive blocks. Holman played and impressive 27 minutes of the game. Jaiquan Holman had a determined mind to win the game. He helped his team to the best of his ability to come out with a win.

The Lions worked hard but ended the game with a loss (49-44). Pekin Holiday Tournament was beneficial practice for the Lions as they continue on with their conference season. With a powerful team behind the BBM trio, they continue to push forward in hopes of more wins.


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