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Lanphier Lions v. MacArthur Generals

The Lanphier Lions played against MacArthur Generals December 5th. The game went into overtime with the Lions in the lead at the beginning of the 4th. Unfortunately, the Lions were beaten in overtime 74-68. It was an intense game of ball. The Lions are now 1-1 in the Central State Eight conference.

JaiQuan Holman helped fight for a win for 36 minutes of the game. Holman scored 17 of the 68 points, 9 of which were from the 3-point line. He got the ball back for the Lions with 5 defensive rebounds. He played aggressively until the very end. Holman was the second lead scorer of the game for the Lions

Shaunassey Hatchett helped the team immensely as well. He played 32 minutes of the game, scoring 10 points. Hatchett had 6 total rebounds, 4 offensive and 2 defensive. He was the third lead scorer of the game for the Lions. He had a good game individually.

Big Ballin’ Media has a new addition to the team who also plays for the Lanphier Lions. Jaylin Hardy played 7 minutes of the game against the MacArthur Generals. He continues to put in work to finish out his senior year successfully. Hardy is an asset to the Lions as well and hopes to continue his basketball career after this season.

(Photo courtesy of Ryan Mahan of The Springfield State - Register IHSA boys basketball: 3 takeaways from Lanphier's loss to MacArthur (


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