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Lanphier Lions win over Springfield Senators

The Lanphier Lions matched up with the Springfield Senators this past Friday. The Lions walked away with a win, 63-56. Big Ballin’ Media’s boys, JaiQuan, Shaunassey, and Jaylin, played a good game and helped lead the team to the win. 

JaiQuan Holman was the lead scorer of the game. Holman scored 26 points during the 32 minutes he played. He even scored some of those points from the 3-point line. Holman played strong on defense, getting the ball back to the Lions in 3 instances. 

Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. also got the ball for the Lions offensively, allowing them another opportunity to score. Hatchett played big minutes alongside Holman. In the 25 minutes he played, Hatchett scored 11 points. 

Jaylin Hardy played 8 minutes of the game, getting the ball back for the Lions as well. 3 offensive rebounds and 3 defensive rebounds got the ball back to his team. Hardy patiently waits under the hoop no matter what. He helps get the ball back to bring more scoring opportunities to his team. 

The Lions have another win in the Central State Eight Conference under their belt. This puts them 2-1 in their conference season, hoping for some more wins. Holman, Hatchett, and Hardy continue to put in time to help their team and eventually continue their basketball careers after high school. 


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