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Play your Heart out: Lions take a loss in the Lanphier Regional Championship

The Lanphier Lions played in the Regional Championship Friday night against the Sacred Heart-Griffin Cyclones. The Lions were ranked 5th in the Central State Eight Conference, ahead of the Cyclones in 7th. Unfortunately, the Lions could not pull out a win, with the final score 53-48. It was an intense battle up until the last second. The BIG BALLIN MEDIA boys, JaiQuan Holman and Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. helped lead the team to the best of their ability.

JaiQuan Holman played an exceptional game of basketball, putting up 16 points for the lions, making him their lead scorer. Holman balled out for 31 minutes, shooting 100% from the free throw line. He shot the ball every opportunity he could get. With 4 personal fouls, Holman hustled back and forth on the court, defending best he could, snatching up the ball from the Cyclones 4 different times. He helped maintain the lead for the Lions through the first half, with 3 rebounds and an assist. Despite his size, Holman is a phenomenal player who can quickly adjust to the circumstances of the game.

Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. also had an exemplary game, coorelating his skills with Holman's to lead the Lions. Hatchett's size, speed, and strength worked well on defense. With 5 personal fouls, he fouled out of the game. Prior to that, Hatchett had 2 offensive rebounds and was able to add 7 points to the scoreboard for the Lions. He utilized his immpecable strength to assist his teammates in scoring twice, allowing for the Lions to put up more points.

Although the Lions played aggresively, they were unable to maintain their lead during the second half. They led for 21 minutes throughout the game. Tapping into their team chemistry, they tried their best to pull out a win over the Cyclones. With the help of the BBM boys, Holman and Hatchett, the Lions kept their heads held high playing to the best of their ability and putting everything they had in them on the court.


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