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Resilience Shines Through: Lanphier Lions v. U-High Pioneers

The Lanphier Lions took a tough loss to U-High Pioneers this past Friday. The Lions came out with their all, playing hard till the last second of the game. They played well on the court, making sure to communicate and do what they showed up to do. Unfortunately, it just wasn't enough to pull out a win, but their strong chemistry within the team shined through.

JaiQuan Holman utilized his speed and power to push through every defender he could. Holman was the second-highest scorer of the game for the Lions with 7 points. During his 20 total minutes on the court, he showed resilience despite tailing behind the Pioneers. Holman encouraged his team in hopes of taking the lead. Despite the loss, he did his part for the team.

Shaunassey Hatchett Jr. also played a vigorous game, utilizing his strength to the Lion's advantage. Hatchett played 18 minutes of the game, scoring 6 points against the Pioneer's defense. He didn't let the scoreboard impact the way he showed out. With 5 rebounds, he allowed more scoring opportunities for the Lions. Hatchett was able to help his team hold their heads up as they walked off the court after the loss, playing his leadership role well.

Jaylin Hardy was able to snag 6 minutes out on the court, in which he scored a beautiful 3-pointer for the team. Hardy played a big part in keeping the attitudes of his teammates positive. He played aggressively and balled out for the Lions. He continues to put in work at practice in hopes of more time on the court.

Despite the loss, the Lions look ahead in hopes of a win. The team has a strong chemistry that will help them to get better each game.


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