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Shaunassey Hatchett Soars as Lanphier Lions Clinch Another Victory

In a thrilling matchup against the Rochester Rockets, the Lanphier Lions secured a hard-fought win, showcasing their resilience and teamwork on the court, ultimately claiming a 7-point victory.

Big Ballin' Media standout, Shaunassey Hatchett Jr., played a pivotal role in this triumph, exhibiting his prowess during an impressive 23 minutes of play. Contributing a notable 12 points, Hatchett also demonstrated his versatility with 6 crucial rebounds, providing the Lions with valuable second-chance opportunities.

Known for his powerful legs and exceptional rebounding ability, Hatchett consistently out jumps opponents, positioning himself strategically under the hoop to seize every available opportunity. His dedication to the team and tenacity on the court make him a key asset for the Lions.

In his junior year, Hatchett, a formidable forward, continues to shine brightly, positioning himself for the next chapter of his basketball journey at the collegiate level. His positive aura and impressive skill set make him an indispensable force for the team. Notably, during this season, Hatchett showcased remarkable averages of 14 points and 8 rebounds per game, cementing his status as a standout player with a promising future in the game.


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