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What IS Social Media Marketing and why does it matter?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Social media marketing is the use of different digital content to attract people to a brand, service, or product. Social media marketing directly impacts the recruiting decisions of all college coaches looking for new talent. College coaches used to visit high schools across the country in person to scout for new recruits. Now, they are spending most of their time searching Twitter and other social networks for highlights and clips posted by the players and coaches in order to highlight their team’s skills. Social media has become a central hub for college coaches to view media and key stats.

MySpace was the first social media network to reach one million people. A handful of sports teams used MySpace to build their fan clubs. This was before the current social networks came into play like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Social media sites are made up of a collection of communities and when someone follows or friends you they become a part of your own personal community. It’s a much faster and more effective way of building relationships with people anywhere in the world. Social media is not only good for creating relationships but also good for advertising and target marketing, and people can engage with one another more effectively and in real-time on social media.

Social media marketing allows players and coaches across the country to reach one another and build separate relationships, which further allows student-athletes to receive scholarships and build their social media presence. The more social media presence an athlete has, the more ability they have to elevate themselves into the world of higher education and college division-level sports teams. The marketing aspect promotes the student’s skills but also allows for each coach to know athletes before they can physically meet in person. Social media has brought the entire athletic world into the computer screen, where coaches can choose the perfect team for their sport.


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